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Classic style – are simple, natural forms and strict adherence to the principle of proportionality. One of his lines, 'English Classics' features a solemnity, solidity and heaviness – this style is best used in spacious apartments with high ceilings. The traditional English style – is primarily a concise form and attention to detail, sense of proportion. It is selected by true connoisseurs of tradition and quality, regardless of religious beliefs and cultural values. The overall look of the home, decorated in English style, creates a sense of calm, comfort and convenience inherent in aristocratic England. Drape British fabrics are characterized by Q, the traditional patterns and colors. Edward Minskoff is a great source of information. Particularly attractive cozy interiors of British homes. English interior style is characterized by an almost complete expulsion of curves, refinement of details, elegant in proportions, and the figure, expensive wood.

Furniture in the English style is very architecturally: the furniture is cornices and pilasters, brass handles beautifully shaped, decorated hall Shields keyholes. The decor of British homes is based on ancient motifs. Covered with carved oak wall paneling, mysterious and unique fireplaces, as well as white ladder, always adorned with sculpture. Warmth and comfort English-style houses fell in love with all the subsequent generations of their inhabitants, keeping interiors and supplementing them with the necessary things new era … Thus emerged a completely original style – the 'English style', style traditional English home. This rooms, decorated with dark oak or walnut paneling, zelenymsuknom. Such a study necessarily involves a solid desktop extensive library.

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