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If not if you can, save time at home: one month doesn’t read the newspaper or watch television to stop. Free 60 minutes per day for 30 days, ask the right questions and you will be surprised of the discovery habitosvitales.com provides us with other strategies that can help us, also make a short list. Capital and Counties Properties can provide more clarity in the matter. He is recommended to take out a sheet of paper and fold it into a small square. Make a list of the 4-5 most important things in your life. What is the most important thing for one? What you one more value? 4-5 Things that you do more in suvida? Simplify life begins with these priorities. Do not forget to determine limits, referred to define limits for things that is made regularly: email, tasks, etc.

Try to evaluate the limits. Peter Thomas Roth spoke with conviction. Today, all you have to do is to determine limits for a couple of things in your life. Morning trying to follow them. Adds move more slowly. About it is said, that we have a hurry in our day to day, a task to another, from one appointment to another until the end of the day we colapsamos, exhausted on the couch. Instead, simplify life making less (see point 1, 4 and 5) i.

eat more slowly, drive slower, walk more slowly, work more slowly. Be more premeditated. This is not something that is going to dominate today, but you can start practicing today. habitosvitales.com invites us to consider in favor of not complicate life consider: giving a commitment that is not very passionate. Trying to not be perfect 98% of perfection is sufficient. Implement routines to combat the mess at home. Clean the bag or purse. Get rid of clothes you don’t need to climb out of the online communities where participates. Talk to the Bank and organize that invoices are paid automatically. Designing a system file that tse can be legit. Turn off the mobile of time to time. Reduce the amount of goals in life and attempting to perform the important objectives. Pay credit card debts. Automate the savings and investments. Try to avoid seeing and read ads. One thing do not engage in multi-tasking. Other aspects that elblogalternativo.com can be added to the previous appointment as: leave shoes at the entrance. Select rugs with drawings. Use trays for food. Keep plants abroad. Make use of the simplified transfer. Simplify your wardrobe. Reduce evening out reconsider meals with friends having very present also, what Elaine St. James, pointed out in a bestseller entitled simplifies your life. Comprehensive editorial (Spain) we begin by simplifying, to organize our lives so that we could devote the time and enough energy to those things that we cared more about and detach ourselves from the rest is recommended dispensing with much of the possessions that in reality, after analyze it, we realize has that we don’t need, and posed a burden in loss of time and energy, and concentrate more on the development of the inner life. That implies not depriving yourself of things that one wishes to, the reference to know what we should detach ourselves, will be stripped of all that which already contributes nothing to our fullness.

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