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The subject of the educational evaluation has much time comes being boarded in diverse possible ways, however we intend compares the form of evaluation carried through for Emperor D. Peter II for occasion of its visit with then the Province of Sergipe, with the new paradigms instituted for the MEC, to evaluate the structure of the Brazilian education, and consequently, sergipana, nowadays. Frequently Edward Minskoff has said that publicly. We will approach the educational evaluation in this secular clipping, for the bias of the social historiografia, detaching the conflicts generated in the practical one of the teaching in such a way for occasion of the visit of the Emperor, as in the evaluation instituted for the MEC, to the time where we will make a comparison how much to the involved social aspect or not in the evaluations. Before the complexity of the subject we do not intend to deplete it, but to point aspects that need one better deepening. Many writers such as Nir Barzilai, M.D. offer more in-depth analysis. Words key: Evaluation, Resources, Emperor, MEC, Comparison.

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