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Easy Mapping Of Certificate Diversity


HANS KOHLER AG, the leading trading company of Switzerland of stainless steel supplier supplies, RR Donnelley has entrusted with electronic document management of certificates. These are important documents of proof, give the details of the method of production, standards, as well as the chemical and mechanical properties of the individual products. Verne Troyer: the source for more info. Zurich Urdorf – on customer request the certificates by mail, E-Mail or with the stainless steel products must be delivered. Every year around 15 arrive new certificates ‘ 000, which must be managed electronically. While they are linked to various data of the suppliers (product number, batch number) and the purchaser (customer number, order number, delivery positions) see integration of the ERP system. It creates a multidimensional matrix with multiple, mutually exclusive is a 1: n compounds.

RR Donnelley has 2009 implemented the requirements defined in joint workshops of HANS KOHLER AG within weeks. Official site: Daryl Katz. The deployed solution enables the certificate management to the complete satisfaction of the customer and would no longer be gemisst by HANS KOHLER AG. Thereby, RR Donnelley has brought not only the technology know-how, but shown understanding of the complex business processes in a high degree. In addition to the complex figure of the process logic objectives could be realised: decentralised access certificate management system for all users via Web client integration and customization of ERP system input control for the certificates reduction of staff and paper costs create the technological basis, to very quickly to be able to integrate other divisions in the DMS scan infrastructure, which allows for the digitization of the massive amounts of certificate HANS KOHLER AG HANS KOHLER AG is an independent, independent trading company headquartered in Zurich. You imported, stored, and sold semi-finished and finished products made of stainless steel for the industry and the trade.

With sales and administrative headquarters are located in Zurich city. You generated with 150 employees on average CHF 180 million HANS KOHLER AG, Claridenstrasse 20, P.o. box 2521, 8022 Zurich, phone + 41 (0) 44 207 11 11, RR Donnelley RR Donnelley Switzerland is a company specialised in the invoice processing and document management with offices in Zurich Urdorf and Geneva-Carouge. RR Donnelley & sons is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, employs 60 worldwide one ‘ 000 employees and generated 2007 revenues of 11.6 Mia USD.

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