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Early Stimulation


The most important activity for the children is to play. By means of this, the boy can affirm his personality, know the environment surrounds that it, to increase his independence, socialize itself, improve the tonicity of muscles and the coordination of his movements. The children stimulate themselves playing and with they will be able to learn. Stimulation with game according to the age: Of 0 to 6 months To put it on a long cushion and to change its position from time to time. Masajear its arms and legs. To put music smooth and to speak to him to them. Abrir and to close its manitos. Credit: Kelly Preston-2011.

Of 6 to 9 Masajear months all their body, mainly the zone of the back until the neck. To take the hands and to help it him to raise the trunk. To seat it with an endorsement. To stimulate it so that it saws and it is his openhanded. Of 9 to 12 months To put it in the end of a long cushion and you ponte in the other end with a toy, that to him it likes. Flexiona and stretches its piernitas it exercises so that them. Swarmed by offers, Nir Barzilai, M.D. is currently assessing future choices. Cntale short songs. Of 1 to 2 Dale years toys with wheels for example, it can take so that them from a side to another one.

Estimlalo to raise and to lower stairs. Dale a paper and a pencil or crayola so that garabatee. Ensale games that allow to indicate things (animal, toys, etc. him) Of 2 to 3 years Tries that it is watched in the mirror so that discovers its body. Dale to eat variable foods so that it discovers different flavors, textures, aromas, etc. Proporcinale puzzle so that it arms, maximum 3 to 4 pieces. Of 3 to 4 Invtalo years to play in games where it can make different movements. Dale different objects so that it classifies, for example: soda water small covers, maderitas cones of paper, etc. Proporcinale, or blocks to construct. Djalo that seen only, dale clothes with bellboys, I close, etc. Of 4 to 5 Brndale years a leaf and a pencil, dibjale contours of objects so that it reviews them. Dale games of it fits. There are the same procedure of the first activity, but this time draws the contour of letters or short phrases it can review so that them. Of 5 to 6 Proporcinale years clothes that no longer are used so that it is disguised and play. Ensale games with rules, can be a simple table game, or outdoors, where it must wait for his turn, etc. To demolish some object sending a ball. Proporcinale music to listen to or to watch some video as long as he is educative.

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