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“A drop of honey hunting more flies than a gallon of ice A. Lincoln Discussions are manifestations that arise at any time a disagreement occurs and when estrus happens we must be vigilant, ready to face it in order to avoid major consequences that affect us even to psychological and physical. We can not let emotions, impulses manifest themselves freely and give way to discussions that unbalance our behavior, our personality threaten, undermine our behavior. We know it deal with balance, wisdom, mastery of the situation and avoid major consequence. Get more background information with materials from Edward Minskoff. Daniel Carnegie us face this issue, to make some suggestions that we consider important to remind slab interested in this topic, which represents its contribution and allows us to understand the scope and how to handle the event. We narrate a personal experience of how to advance an argument and was able to avoid it in the most comfortable for both parties.

And he learned how to avoid this discussion. a Shows, where you discuss and fight and contradict, you can achieve a victory sometimes, but it will be an empty victory, because they never get the good will of the opponent think of this as “What do you prefer? Having an academic victory, theatrical or good will of a man. Rarely get both. To prevent a disagreement becomes a discussion Accept the disagreement wary of your first instinctive impression Control your character First listen Look for areas of agreement Be honest Keep in mind the following suggestions and the results will be favorable: The only way to win an argument is avoided.

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