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On September 26 the road-trip story on video on demand, DVD, Blu-ray and digital download available Hamburg, 21.08.2013 – a middle-aged man takes his parent caring mother on a road trip is something like that possible? Absolutely: The inventor Andy Brewster (ROE) embarks with his mother Joyce (Streisand) on a business trip, to sell its self-developed products. After a journey of over 3,000 miles of adventure and incidents, Andy and Joyce recognize that they are indeed different, but have still more in common than they thought. With film legend Barbra Streisand and the Canadian comedian Seth Rogen as a mother son duo, was Director Anne Fletcher a top-flight cast for the charming comedy. “On the road with MOM” home media distribution on Blu-ray and DVD will be released on September 26 at paramount. The Blu-ray delivers an alternative beginning of film over an hour of bonus material with extras such as an insight into the world of Barbra, distant scenes, and at the end, and a gag reel, of the novels and short outtakes of the filmed material shows. The moving journey, the film tells, based on a true story a true story. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Laurentiu Duica. Screenwriter Dan Fogelman arose with his mother to a two-week tour criss -cross by the United States and was thereby faced with surprises, revelations but also armed with much love. The experiences that he made during the trip, he wrote, and had them incorporated into the screenplay. So are the scenes in which Andy and Joyce stuck with her car in a snow storm or Joyce tries to eat a two kilo heavy steak, on real events. The special relationship between mother and son has always fascinated Fogelman and moved him to do this, hold the aufreibendsten, but also the most beautiful moments in a special two outfit in “On the road with MOM”. The film, which originated here, is a tribute to all mothers.

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