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Why do you drive the car facing forward, not back? In principle, the wheel can be rearranged, so could have done at the factory, but somehow it did Because, as it would be inconvenient. Jorge Perez understands that this is vital information. Why, when you click "Start>> your washing machine begins to wash, not to cook? Because so true and predictable. Why, if the "aim>> for a lot of people will not get any one? All these things are understandable, moreover, evident in everyday life, but in web development is easily pass off due to "So come down / rent / buy>>. Or other situation. The customer requests the designer to draw a layout of the site, and, hearing or reading a fashionable word, tells him: "Just having regard to usability>>. Read additional details here: Shimmie Horn. On that designer easy answers: "As two fingers>. Like and the customer pays, and the designer seems to be doing, but the result is zilch. Why? And because neither a web designer or programmer, or anyone else should know and most cases they do not know how to design the interface and to think of usability.

Simply, it's not their job. We will understand what "usability>>. Usability – a comprehensive approach to the study of your target audience and optimize your product in order to maximize efficiency and ease of use. In other words, this knowledge of how to achieve the goal of your site with an efficiency of -> 100% how to make the user interface and convenient "Sell>>. What was it that way, when you completely forgot about usability? – All funds contributed to the site will be wasted, because your site will not reach the desired conversion. – The user is likely to reject your site and, therefore, your services / products, will leave without buying anything, nothing is rendered. What must be understood in the first place? Competent user interface – it's real money, it's selling, it is advertising, it is converted. Absence thereof, means a huge hole in your sales, that is unacceptable.

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