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And whose opinion counts most of the time anyway. He scours the Internet and these encounters to – or occasion from entries in forums and blogs, or on freedom of opinion and review sites. Google calls this the zero moment of truth’. And such moments of truth ‘ have a great impact on the further interest. Because this decisive search behavior of customers still far too little in the foreground is overlooked, that is it is often enough with his prospects already has forfeited, before they try to first direct contact. Latest now is clear then, as intensive a touch point project with such upstream moments of truth ‘ must deal with. How to make visible customer touch points through these exercises look through the glasses of the customer is sharpened and it can go to the next steps. In order to represent the actual situation is to create a collage for example.

These could carry each industry following titles: a typical customer journey through our company or: the experiences of customers when buying product x or: how a typical customer before, during, and after using our service y is entered. This is of course a typical customer journey’, so depicted the trip of the customer by the company. It is not only written, it is also painted and glued. Selected stories are given to the best and exemplary customer opinions put forward. Gensler San Francisco is likely to agree. Be products installed with in its components broken down or written documents according to unravel on.

Plus and minus points are listed. Don’ts and DOS are documented by video or storyboard. The whole thing is on message boards, which are next to each other chronologically. You can take this to the further course of the project in his Department, to document the progress and to have the connection points to other areas in mind. Now also Web-enabled multi media walls can be to use, one iPad uses gestures at one.

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