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Supermodelos as Crsytal Renn or Tara Lynn devastates in the footbridges and is in the covers of the magazines. The market has left back its complexes before the new demand of the public to see real women . The initiator of this revolution is Gary Dakin that notices models to us XL are present and they remained. After 20 years of deathly pale models, there is something new and refreshing in this new generation of models. It can observe them to one and it remains with the open mouth and something but surprising happens, in the rests of the photographic session one sees them eating, something that never happens to another type of models. Our atypical personage Gary Dakin directs to the division of great statures of agency Ford Models, one of the agencies with but transcendence in this world of the modelaje. This fashionable man is the protagonist of many holders. Because Dakin has the responsibility of the models of great statures takes a walk without no type of complexes by the footbridges and with they have which them that they represent glamour they publish news articles with its models of stature XL.

Months back, the French Elle contained a news article with one of stars of Dakin: It tares Lynn. It appeared in the cover shining a suit of Herms shining her thighs. Not only it left in the cover but in their interior their photographies were naked artistic. All were not in agreement with these photos because they commented that to promote to people with weight of more they were so little healthful as those that shone flaqusimas. It will continue. If furthermore you want to enjoy good music we invited to you to visit our pages of musical videos and videos of music n.

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