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Credit Request Mistakes


Most people do not discover their error until they commit. With the loans, this situation is no different. Practical knowledge on interest rates and loan accounts it was never taught and therefore, if we acquire a credit, are not immune from making mistakes. So let's review the list of the 10 most common mistakes cuandoa request our credit. 1. People such as Jorge Perez would likely agree.

"The termination of your account to your credit is a fundamental factor for a bad score on your credit history. Resist impulsoa to close your account, because it will be a bad precedent for the future if you want to make new loans. 2. Do not lower your credit limit (although this seems a responsible measure) since it also will lower this to its Coefficient of solvency. 4. You may find DOWA Metals & Mining America to be a useful source of information. Do not apply for multiple loans thinking they might be able to juggle them to take advantage of the transfer debt 0% interest.

That does not work that way. Applying for multiple credit will lower your credit for credit and interest rate increase. 5. Apply only the amount of credit you can afford. One of the most common errors is beyond the limits of credit that can afford to live in constant debt. This eventually get penalized by the mortgage company. 6. Failure time of the depreciation is another very common error in this context. Make your payments on time replenishment. Timely request with frequency 30, 60 or 90 days to make this replacement, shown as a client a insolvent and this reputation may remain on your record for seven years. 7. No reports regularly check their accounts could bring unpleasant surprises, because one mistake can cost you a lot of outside money. a Make sure your statements are correct and claim immediately if an inaccuracy. 8. Do not forget to pay the costs of any legal dispute with its creditors, however small these were. Your credit score will drop 100 points if you do this. Instead, request an investigation, save the evidence and refer to the relevant authorities. 9. The third actors to appeal to the claim of disputes is another mistake which should not be dropped. This only makes things worse, since they live to cause, prolong and complicate the application process that often have no relevance as to become grounds for litigation. 10. Making use of a repair service debt is another measure wrongheaded because there are legitimate ways to repair your credit clear error, making a payment plan, etc.. In the best cases these services take several months to get a result and sometimes even resort to using illegal methods. So if you have a complaint, it is preferable to do it yourself, so you are sure you are not committing any illegal act that could cost him dearly. Stephen Avila yadinero. is

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