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The color of wood can affect the psychological state of man. In nature, red is associated with danger, so the wood red shades can increase irritability, anxiety, and eventually cause psychological discomfort. Dark, close to black color can cause depression. Warm shades of yellow and orange awaken energy, but in large amounts can induce irritation. The most beneficial effect on the human condition have oak or teak light brown in color. They create a welcoming atmosphere and give the individual a sense of tranquility, confidence and stability. Bright colors also have the ability to visually enlarge the space and make the room lighter.

Per person affects not only the color wood, and wood. By selecting the proper type of wood, you can adjust not only the emotional state, but the nature of man. For example, bamboo helps to control aggression, soothes irritation. Beech promotes tolerance towards others. Larch helps to believe in themselves and overcome self-doubt.

Oak eliminates the vanity, helps to look objectively at the world, provides additional energy and reduces excessive emotionality. Grab helps to develop a real opinion on things and get rid of prejudices and misconceptions. Walnut helps you make the right decisions and not to yield to another’s influence. So , the wood – it’s a bit more than just a building material. People and Plants, as part of one ecosystem is inextricably linked to each other. Since the tree – the material created by nature itself, in a wooden home you always feel calm, warmth and comfort. Essential attribute of green housing is a wooden box. Unlike plastic, wood has the ability to “breathe”, that is to pass air through micropores, thus ensuring its continued circulation. Modern wood windows have a high sound insulation, low thermal conductivity and resistance to temperature and durability. K incontestable advantages of wooden windows are their aesthetic qualities. They go perfectly with parquet flooring and wooden furniture and help to create the finished appearance of the interior space. It is no accident in the European countries such as Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands three-quarters of the windows are made from wood. Tendency to use natural materials and is gradually coming to Russia.

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