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Uniqueness, functionality, cost, new headings issues the last weeks in summary: How does the car Finder? What do you do as a dealer or customer? What is unique? What are the advantages? Why can’t you, who is a Member? What’s new coming soon? The platform car sucher.de is no ads website and therefore very easy to use. The customer describes his vehicle, this request will be forwarded to the listed dealer. As a dealer you must be listed with us, to take advantage of the service. But also on our homepage requests be adjusted constantly, on which you can submit bids as not listed dealer, where is however the majority of the requests in the closed area moves. It is unique to the platform that neither dealers nor customers need to work great.

The dealer must be only listed (for equivalent 20,00 EUR per month a comparatively small contribution) and the customer must be able to describe “Desired vehicle”. This description We pass, as it is, the listed dealer. They must forward then ultimately only, unless a corresponding vehicle is in stock, an offer to the customer. Direct contact finally arises customer / dealer. Other expenses not incurred the dealer. Member, create offer and you’re done. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Whether it ultimately to the purchase agreement, is, as everywhere, from merchant and customer.

For dealers and customer the obvious benefits are: a time-saving search for the customer, dealer has no time through the setting and updating of advertisements and thus he saves it labor costs. You can not see the members to prevent mentality in finding so the A or Z, because with us the customer should not search. Soon, you will find all press releases at a glance on our homepage.

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