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Metal construction of welded I-beam cost effective in buildings and structures. The use of welded beams, as the building of metal frames makes it possible not only facilitate the design elements that are unnecessarily large safety factor, but also a more cost-effective form of support and cross-section of individual elements and thereby reduce the mass of the metal structure. Metal construction of pipes – cost-effective and widely used in developed countries for the material to create spatial frameworks, and external elements of buildings and structures. Using the pipe as the building Metal allows you to create original design and easy-frame structure with a large margin of safety. Many writers such as Harvey S. Rosen offer more in-depth analysis. The group of companies since 2007 Techprom is the undisputed leader in the Russian market vendors equipment for the production of H-beam and equipment for the production of metal from the pipes. This fact allows us to state with certainty that the choice of the Russian factories is not accident. We supply and it produced products meet the highest demands of the developing Russian market of metal, and automates their production. The main objective of companies within the group is to develop effective solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

Upscale experienced professionals – a guarantee of successful development and implementation of any problems related to mechanical engineering, metallurgy and metal. Methods of production of welded I-beam welded beams are used in floors, coverings, cabinets, work areas, ramps, bridges, crane beams and other steel structures. Especially effective in long-span joists welded constructions of industrial buildings, shops and other facilities. – Cutting sheet metal Building on the band joists to tack – – Welding seams in turn four beams (with perekantovkoy) Edit the geometry of the beam flanges – – milling the ends of the beam Cutting bar – – Drilling holes in the beam Shot blasting beams – – Painting Using beams offer us equipment for the production of welded beams can achieve: – High speed welding – Small heat input and thus a small deformation of the welded products – Reduction subsequent processing of stitches – Drop weight of welded structures due to more economical use of material – the possibility of producing beams with different dimensions and wall shelves – High performance and stable weld quality. Copyright OOO'Tehprom '

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