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Summary This opinativo article has the objective to understand as the progression continued in all public net of education imposed for the government of the state of So Paulo functions since 1997 for then Mario governor Hollows of the PSDB. As if it deals with a opinativo article the idea is to debate and to understand on the subject. The author defends the end of the continued progression it welfare of the state of So Paulo and Brazil. Word-key: Continued progression, net publishes of So Paulo education, education, basic and average education, illiteracy, pertaining to school evasion. Edward J. Minskoff Equities takes a slightly different approach. INTRODUCTION: Expensive readers the times wanted to write on the subject, but I waited the electoral result for government of the state of So Paulo. The candidate of the situation had in its proposal the continuation of the progression, while the candidate of the opposition revealed the change. Without taking broken by candidate or the B but for the misfortune of the culture the candidate of the situation was elect still in first turn for government of the state of So Paulo.

Which is the real interest for of brings of this law. First we go to understand what it is and as it functions. The continued progression, system of not repetncia of the pupils of the basic course (1 8 series) of the schools of the state net of the State of So Paulo, in vigor has one decade more than, is being pointed as alternative of education also with respect to the municipal net, including itself in the projects of government of candidates to the paulistana city hall. Created in July of 1997, still in the Mrio government Hollows, the system had as objective to finish with the pertaining to school evasion, caused for the obligatoriness it pupil to attend a course, again, all the substances of the previous series for not having gotten the success necessary to be approved in only one.

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