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For a more decorative structure then You can close all joints jute rope: and nice, and extra insulation. Construction of the bath. Pair of Russian steam bath steam room sizes depend on the version of shelving, the type of stove-heater, the number of people to be sweating at the same time. Shelves can be quite small, so it could sit (40-60 cm), or slightly more, so you can lie by bending the legs (1.5 meters) or so that you can lie down with outstretched legs (1.8 m). The form of the regiment also is different: flat, with a focus to the head, in the form of benches. To heat the steam used stove heater, electric heaters or hot water pipe or gas. The best option for a bath – it's oven-stove. Location oven may be different, the most convenient, in my opinion, placement in a corner so that the water tank was in the sink, insert – in the steam room and one wall was the wall locker.

The size and shape of furnaces may also be different, they are made to order, ready to buy in store or online resources, you can make yourself and oblitsevat oven. Furnace heaters are long-term (permanent) of the operation and periodic. In the first case, the furnace is the minimum wall thickness and number of stones. Such ovens are heated by electricity or liquid / gaseous fuels, at least – solid fuel. Low stone supported by automatic device, the heating temperature in the electric version is controlled by changing the current, with another – the intake of fuel into the furnace. The use of such equipment is consistent with the fire control. Speaking candidly Lancome told us the story. In the case of the use of furnaces of periodic action, it will have a massive masonry of brick and a large amount of stones. The best fuel for the stove, heater, of course – fuel. Furnace coal can generate very high temperatures and destroy the internal brickwork. The most popular stoves made of metal and lined with brick exterior.

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