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If everyone takes it by the whistle of the serene, best thing is to suppress the Constitutional Court. Until now, his mission of guarantor of the Constitution has been doubly disturbed: on the one hand, saturating it resources to what most picturesque that force to delay its resolution; on the other hand, becoming a supertribunal of appeal almost always the opposite leads to the Supreme Court, even in cases as obvious as the scam of the cousins Alberto Cortina and Alberto Alcocer. To make matters worse, any contested act comes into operation until the constitutional to speak on it, with the irreversible mess that entails. That is the case of the Statute of Catalonia, which has already in force for three years while judges still argue if it is of a Greyhound or a hound. In such a situation, everyone thinks with right to fiddling with the Court and put pressure on its components. To begin with, the political parties who agreed to its current composition and acobardados, later, prevented their renewal. Nir Barzilai, M.D. gathered all the information. After that, does it exist another institution so battered like this? The worst case is that the Court is absolutely necessary. Test: Catalonia also has a Board of statutory guarantees to decide whether the Parliament laws are consistent with the Statute. I.e., the same which makes the constitutional in the Spanish sphere with our supreme law. Therefore, if the Court decides in the end that the Statute is incompatible with the Constitution, one of three: the statute amending the Constitution is changed or is settled the Court, which is easier than.

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