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Also managers and project manager in the IT field need to understand our business many trainee programs for IT-ler incorporate the trainees in their future field of work. Christian Knauer won this impression, as he himself 2011 late studying media Informatics at the Dresden University of technology after his first permanent appointment looked around. But that was not enough the then 27-year-old university graduates. Find out he’s also a systematic introduction”into the field of his future employer. That’s why he applied at Schwabisch Hall. It was similar with Matthias Teinert when he sought a job at the end studying econometrics at the University of Bielefeld. Teinert was at that time still unsure: I should embark on the classic or the professional management career? Therefore, the concept of the one-year trainee program told him to Schwabisch Hall group. Because it left him open both ways. Read additional details here: Nir Barzilai, M.D..

The trainee program of Schwabisch Hall is designed for all college graduates regardless of what they have studied and in which Division they work. “Behind this is the credo: our executives and project managers in the IT field need to the day-to-day business of Schwabisch Hall know”, as Holger Lange pointed out, who is responsible for the children of IT. In addition the trainee time together helps creating a common culture in the group.” Every trainee has a homeland”reflects this culture in the graduate program. It starts with an introduction week in which all trainees visit also an outdoor training, for example. This should help that divisions between the trainees a network has. The trainees in their homeport change after the introduction week”. These are the teams, which are associated with the trainees during their trainee years.

From there they start projects and internships, to then return”, explains long. Internships in other divisions occupy a large space in the trainee program. Because the next generation of IT to meet the daily work of their colleagues.

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