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Heroine moves like Kate from Siberia are very slowly. For the very impatient, put an old trick – clicking with the mouse is running 2 times. But the movement of people and Anatomic smoother. The plot is not burdened with useless or characterless characters, take the same from the immortal Hans Siberia. Characters: 1.

Nicole Bonnet – young and ambitious lady, an FBI agent. Nascha mistress, for her and have to play. Just started to work, and death soon partner James in an abandoned house. The only thing he hears from confused Nicole dying: “Tell Nick …” 2. Nick – “dark horse”.

Everyone knows what he is, but almost no one saw. New partner Nicole, not counting necessary to respond to calls, live and work on their own, only known to him the rules, regardless of anyone’s opinion the chief. 3. Chef Leo Cheyser, recently moved from Chicago. Terse, harsh, pedantic. Requires the department of compliance letter of the law in the investigation. Makes employees and a secretary to work late. For more information see this site: Fabrizio Freda. 4. Secretary boss, Ruth – an elderly lady, an experienced worker. He knows all and knows all. Beautiful psychologist says that the chief sneeze for a moment before this. Very observant and intelligent. Also good for beginners, such as Nicole. The action begins with the fact that our Scully charged case of an unusual serial killer. Unusual way of killing it: using the ancient ritual knife Aztec tribe. All victims of heart cut out, and the crime scene are old Spanish coins. The game has many locations, this office and the FBI, and the and the Museum of Pre-Columbian history, an abandoned station Metro. But the scene is not limited to New York. Nicole few days will hold in Peru, where faced with persecution by the police, the prosecution in the murder and finds the town – a ghost Akakor with traces of the expedition, the former in its 20 years ago. Number of characters involved in the game can not be called great. Basically, it is suspected and / or future victims. Gameplay is long enough to enjoy dashing plot twists, but not so much to lose interest. The lack of meaningful time, that is to think about the decision of another problem you can at least several days, the game will not stop the failure of the mission. Although the play it is still very real. 2 times for all time if not properly choices and circumstances, the like – then treacherously creaky floors and lack of safety when working with electricity, the agent Nicole ignominiously lost. But the developers have provided that the failure of the mission is not cast the player in a lot of shots back and the game will continue in the right places. And even if we did not see the elusive and Nick will not know that he had asked James to give him, this game can be safely set the high score that I did. Total game score – 4.9 out of 5 stars.

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