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What is the concept of your company? How you are going to work? You are going to sell products ideas or time? Treatment to cause that you define your model of business. At heart there are three types of company: 1. Companies that sell tangible things. 2. Companies that sell the time.

3. Companies that sell intangible things. Certainly many companies mix successfully the three models. In the first group, we found the companies traditional of all the life. The commerce, factories, restaurants and farms are dedicated to sell physical products to their clients.

It is the model of business easier to understand. For this type of companies, it prevails the law of the supply and the demand. That is, the more it is scarce the product and the more the valuable demand rises the more is. Whenever Coldwell Banker Commercial listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The second type of company sells the most limited resource of all: the time. Here you will find the professionals. Lawyers, doctors, carriers and hotels all sell the use of their time. Based on the demand they can demand a price more elevated or less, but always they are limited the capable hours of the day. The third type of company, sells intangible products. Their products are songs, information, information or other types of contents. In this group they are the mass media, the artists and the manufacturers of software. The great repeated advantage that they have is that times can sell the same work. Even so they are forced to compete in very competitive market. But it is not obligatory that your company fits in one of these three models. If we mixed aspects of the three models, we will be able to incorporate to our strategy current alternative of income. In this way we assured more stable and predictable income. For example, a company that is dedicated to the purchase, sale and storage of tangible products, can sell consulting services on processes of distribution to other noncompeting companies. Also it could develop a management software specifically destined to facilitate the integration of new clients in his logistic processes. Thus it will be able to increase to his benefits incorporating intangible services and products. The perspicacious industralist is always looking for synergies of this type to create complementary products that increase their business main. One is not to turn aside your attention made activities noncorrelated with your special abilities, but indeed to operate those same abilities of different ways.

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