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EDUCATION that is needed in COLOMBIA our country which is located in via’s development, it is also in the educational part, our education requires a transformation that arrives at the student with training for life, not for today and not take into account anything more, must be framed in dialogue and authority between professors, and the maestro will be an example of life, must be a citizen to imitate. Here, Nir Barzilai, M.D. expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The education you need our country, of will initially from the House and already at school it will teach to live together surrounded by much tolerance and practice to learn throughout life, from school will instruct learn to do, giving the student the sufficient tools so that the student is in the professional, personal, social lifefamily. Students come to school with thousands of fears, concerns, desires, hopes, doubts, but also come with many talents, which they must exploit and take the best advantage for his personal life and Labor, which not all children have the same powers, reason by which must be addressed in a different way, but very cautiously. Statistics of children and adults who do not attend or not attend school is worrying, which 900 million illiterate adults, 130 million children out of school and 100 million infants who dropped out of school, leaves much to be desired and every day that passes the numbers are rising and there are more victims, in areas of enforcement as the Caqueta and other regions the situation harms notoriously the mischievous, since growing up without its greatest treasure as it is education. In schools, at schools, in the universities, are compulsorily launch research policies, i.e. that since their first letters are is instilling them the need to investigate, ask, curious and not stay aphonic if in any doubt, at home can also experiment and draw their own conclusions. Students must have goals to reach and put all the endeavours to achieve them without sparing any effort, overcoming all the obstacles that life can offer us, resonating that education is a public good and that as well for whom we are committed to achieve the highest and best results for the benefit of children and youth, remembering that those who obtained the satisfactions are the parents of family, who must always be involved in education and the overcoming of our beloved children. Do that think of education our parliamentarians?, will important have to them the future of education in our country? They are questions that concern us in one way or another and that while the answer lies in ourselves, by having the power of knowing we choose whom, it is also the great responsibility of worrying about us and find us policy that manages the national Government through the Ministry of national education in education. Education is a fundamental right and that as such it should we fight and fight to make this right the best thing for our children and therefore a fair and polite, society for the good of the country. Children of Colombia are everything and it is for them by those who we must direct all necessary efforts, their rights should not be violated and will above all.

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