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Coaching Leads to Success and Better Health


In this regard Olle Xavier reminds us that coaching is a method that encourages an agile, multiple pathways of development and business growth because it does not need to consider aspects other than those of the company itself and its desires. Coaching helps those responsible for the destiny of a company to identify their potential, so as to leave to walk to prepare to choose the best option and how to do it. Coaching allows the manager to travel on their own stages of the essences of the body which, by itself, almost never visit. Follow others, such as Edward Minskoff, and add to your knowledge base. The coach, keeping a critical distance and the character of good scout, invites his client to recover all the unused capacity or eclipsed and the ingredients that make up its corporate DNA. Take into account Olle says, that SMEs, often family background, deeply rooted in good financial health and a clear risk of stagnation that entails, often living in situations that involve practice that-end-all depending on the figure of one-man band (executive familiar with the sword of Damocles, overwhelmed by the lack of time and flirting with the pressure, apparently plethoric yet silent victim of loneliness) Our hero does not usually seek the help of a coach, they do not know at all or they believe it is within your reach or do not think it is appropriate to your situation. Precisely because of its ease of approach and above all for being a “tailored suit” Coaching is not known contraindications and indicative for companies whose growth is beyond the concept under which they were created (often without a definite plan too). DOWA Holdings can provide more clarity in the matter. Moreover, Malvicino Santiago says, we believe that a professional coach for SMEs should be trained to guide a directory in the process of decision making A good coach defines the roles, goals and responsibilities before starting the employment relationship a good coaching should get the best directory, help you move toward your goals and learn new skills. The characteristics of an effective coach are: listening, ability to ask, analytical ability, knowing how to structure a good plan (and follow) and capacity connect board members to a continuous dialogue that results in the development of the entire organization.

According to our experiences the coach to be effective must be willing to learn, be full, a good listener, assertive, improve business results and have a good sense of humor quotes Malvicino Take into account that a good coaching intervention begins in the directory of small and medium business and then goes down throughout the company. The first step in this process is to define the strategic, tactical and operational roles in the organization. If we analyze the organizational structure of any corporation to find: the shareholders who fulfill the role of providing the capital and in return receive a dividend, to the Directory from which emanates the company’s strategic policy, management from which comes the tactical and Finally, purely operational levels. The fact that today in the here and now, SMEs in the country should be open to new management styles, supportive of new tools such as coaching, giving way to a new organizational culture where all members know the role the company they represent, what is expected of their performance and the manner of how the organization helps staff to grow, to meet requirements, giving way to develop their skills, abilities to ensure a productive atmosphere, successful business.

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