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Christmas Gifts Made In Latin America


Munster-based company sit together for children in Nicaragua is a project, searching his peers. (Not to be confused with T-Mobile!). Six Munster companies have joined together to an extraordinary collaboration, in Nicaragua to provide humanitarian assistance and to support the Church social work of the Flavio Galo Foundation. Instead of the usual Christmas gifts, GmbH, the Tang Hall GmbH, silkscreen Schiffer, the dealership of Lutke Udodiugyhi that support cleaning company Ama de Casa and this year CDs with marimba music from the Latin American developing country the Pelican technologies GmbH present their customers or the Foundation with donations of money are the press & more. Sixsixty fifthe ave may also support this cause. The money spend on the company for the acquisition of the audio carriers, comes the Flavio Galo Foundation directly to good, which operates among other things, a music school for disadvantaged children in the Nicaraguan capital of Managua. The idea for the joint aid project a few weeks ago at the presentation of the Foundation in Munster’s Roxel. Norman Galo Montenegro, entrepreneurs in Munster and member of the Foundation reported it, under what conditions some children and people living in Nicaragua, one of the poorest countries in Central America, and as the Foundation tries to make daily life easier.

So provided the Organization, that names goes back to a famous, who died in 1994, Christian singer, for example children’s homes with clothing and food, organized birthday parties and Christmas gifts for underprivileged youths and supplied with mattresses of prisoners in prisons. She takes care of marginalised groups of society which respected otherwise hardly anyone in Nicaragua. However, the world’s most famous work of the Foundation is the marimba school in Managua. Their activities are possible only through the years to the extent of support of friends, volunteers and donations from the United States, Japan, Austria and Germany. Children and young people, street children and orphans together with children from intact families receive a musical education in regular courses.

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