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8 Commentary: It now vetoes to explain to the neighbor of San Quirze the one of ninjas, the Bank de Illinois and the Chicago Trust Corporation. It is not possible to be explained to him for several reasons: most important, because nobody knows where it is that money. And when saying nobody, I mean NOBODY. But the things go further on. Because nobody – nor they know the nastiness who have the Banks in the packages of mortgages that they bought, and as it knows it to nobody, the Banks begin nonFIAR of others.

As they are not entrusted, when they need money and they go to the INTERBANK MARKET, that is where the Banks give money an a others, or do not lend it or they lend it expensive. People such as Gavin Baker would likely agree. The interest to that the Banks in the Interbank one give money is the Euribor (Europe Interbank Offered Rate, that is to say, Interest rate offered in the interbank market in Europe), rate that, as you can see in word EURIBOR 3 MONTHS of this Dictionary, have been raising (now it is beginning to lower.) Therefore, the Banks now do not have money. Consequences: i. They do not give credits II. They do not give mortgages, and so the Habitat, Colonial, Rent Corporation, Colonial, etc. begin, it to happen badly, VERY BADLY. And the shareholders who bought action of those companies, see that the quotes of those Societies are falling vertiginously. III.

The Euribor to 12 months, that is the index of reference of the mortgages, has been raising (v. Word EURIBOR To 12 MONTHS in this Dictionary), which does that the Spanish half, that has its mortgage, begins to sweat to pay the monthly payments. IV. As the Banks do not have money, 1. They sell his participation in companies 2.

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