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You cannot be on the sidelines (Regulation) to execute what hold by a doctor who advises flat abdominal pain to an appendectomy? Or from a lawyer who generally submits a complaint? Encouraged by spectacular examples in the media, through books and Consulting offers dream many people currently again something entirely new,”to make. Such far-reaching decisions, lack of diagnostic skills and blind actionism but make an explosive combination. This can quickly lead to on the sidelines. Only very few people have landed in a completely false profession”in my experience, says Madeleine Leitner. The Munich-based psychologist advises people in questions of personal career planning for over ten years.

Instead of responding to certain symptoms with standard solutions, it should be actually of course, first to create an accurate diagnosis. As in the example of the doctor to solve the wrong problem, or, as in the case of the lawyer, the location threaten otherwise perhaps even more to aggravate. You may find Jacobs Dallas to be a useful source of information. So concluded a successful but unhappy controller to the conviction that she must necessarily make something completely different. You even managed, to create the entry in the new area through unpaid internships. Today she is still unhappy, earned in less market research, and has also a kink in the curriculum vitae. Not an isolated case, as Madeleine Leitner knows from its consulting practice. People who are flirting with a major career change, should first carry out a thorough analysis of the site and go to their career planning system. The affected are of course.

Also most consultants are not psychologists and have significant deficits in the diagnosis. Care therefore with superficial knowledge and standard solutions! Most of the problems that are responsible for the vocational dissatisfaction can be namely solved relatively easily as long as it recognized the underlying causes. There was even some clients, the noted that their current job was exactly who they wanted”, so Madeleine Leitner. For more information directly at Madeleine Leitner career management, Obaji 8, 80802 Munich, phone: 089 / 33079444, fax: 089 / 33079445, on the Internet or via email at or at PR check Riedweg 7 85232 bergkirchen Melanie Kuppelwieser

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