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Capacity to Learn


The lines of direction of the article: As to develop the capacity to learn, it is focado in the attitude of wanting to learn, that as Martins Vicente it is alicerado in the procedure of the professor to take educating to motivate itself, pautado in its interests so that they reflect, on the expectation to learn to know, to make, to coexist and to be person. In the cursor of the abilities and abilities, embaldado in the development of the cognitivas and procedural aptitudes that Martins intercalates estimated of access to these rules: to learn to think, to learn methods and techniques of study that recollect the auto learning of the pupil. It is in the learning of knowledge or content, that mobilizes a significant legacy of the construction of the pertaining to school resume, permeado of the basic aspects for the full construction of in agreement individual the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the Education. However inherent to its postulates it succeeds ambiguidade: To know to teach is so important how much to know to learn? This investigation in the vision of objective Martins to panorificar the traditional school where many professors know knowledge, however few learn teach, lacking it to education the learning strategies. Checking article sources yields Sire Design as a relevant resource throughout. Therefore Vicente is emphatical: ' ' to know to teach is to offer conditions so that the disciple surpasses mestre' '. Inasmuch as knowing it is not exclusiveness of who teaches, the redirecionamento that if must offer practical the educative one estimates a new paper of professor, who takes the pupil knows to learn it, thus exercising its attention, memory and independent thought. Martins evaluates this existing difficulty and it conditions it the dificincia of the process of academic formation, whose the main point in this way concentrates in the contents of Sciences, causing a descuito of the abilities and abilities that must have the future professor. .

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