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Adventure holidays – holidays on La Palma. But where is that? Palma de Mallorca and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria? No, La Palma is a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and remains relatively unknown. It is is one of the seven Canary Islands, one of the little ones, and the greenest of the archipelago. It is called also la isla bonita”, the beautiful island. La Palma is tourist developed, but has nothing to do with the mass of the large islands together.

Here it is as a tourist”no number. So how the island has retained its individuality, and the travellers is treated individually. Inclined tourists will find one thing above all: quiet and nature. La Palma invites not only to the rest, the island enthralled by pristine, spectacular nature above and below zero. Who wants to spend a holiday of pure beach is the Active holiday-makers here wrong, rather will come fully on its costs. Whether diving or canoeing, paragluiden, cycling, climbing, hiking or riding. Active vacation with activities that relax and be stress.

She Green Pearl of the Canary Islands invites them with their incomparable uniqueness, on a journey of discovery also under water. Dive into the fascinating blue of the Atlantic Ocean with its incredible underwater landscapes, volcanoes formed and the diver’s heart beat faster with living things. When is poured the masses of lava into the sea during volcanic eruptions, they created a bizzare world of caves, arches, steep waste and caves. Encounters with sting rays or turtles are not uncommon at the diving off La Palma. Who now licked blood, but no diving license who can learn diving adventure in a few days on La Palma. In the local dive center Buceo sub la Palma “feel you still primitive diving, not as a number but as a diver. Whether to water or land, on La Palma something new can be repeatedly discover.

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