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Asegrate that your extra calories come from nutritious foods and not of candies or greasy food. In order to assure that your calories come from desirable sources and you are nourishing yourself suitably, they ten in account that during the pregnancy you are going to need extra iron, folic acid, calcium and proteins. Foods like meats, milk, cheese, eggs, vegetables, fruits and vegetables easily go to darte those calories that you need and they are going to you to provide with vitamins and minerals keys for the pregnancy. Consultation with your medical one on vitaminic supplements to assure that you are consuming the optimal amounts of nutrients that you need. So that your nutrition is the best one, also there are things that you must avoid or limit during the pregnancy. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Peter Thomas Roth has to say. Although there are no definitive studies on caffein, are recommendable to limit his consumption in different forms (coffee, soda waters, chocolates, etc.) by his diurtica nature and because it competes with the absorption of nutrients.

Also she is important that you very limit the seasoned food, sharp or greasy to prevent stomach acidity. The alcohol, the cigarette and the drugs are associated with the deficiency of nutrients and can cause injurious effects in your drinks so you must avoid them. You do not doubt in requesting aid if you need to control habits that can interfere with a healthful pregnancy! Although the best nutrition during the pregnancy would have to begin from before the conception, never is behind schedule for assuming a style of healthful life. Talvez you only need to modify certain habits slightly or to increase calories healthy. Whatever your situation, they ten in account that of your nutrition depends the one on your drinks; but it is essential for both. Both they need healthful and nutritious energy and foods to successful face this wonderful stage of changes and growth.

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