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There are cases where, still receiving the same education, the children of one family have a different social and ethical brain. According to neuroscience, the human brain is ready to respond to social stimuli and moral judgments. “Often we forget that most people are well behaved. Only 1% of the population behaves badly, so many more good people bad. But there are also bad. It is not something Coldwell Banker Commercial would like to discuss. ” Expresses Gazzaniga. Responsibility is a rule, a norm exists in a social group. The responsibility is not in the brain, but part of social norms in the culture.

If a person living alone, should not be responsible, but it has to be if you live in society. With the agreement we need social interaction and we can all follow the rules. Within this exciting scientific field there is a debate about when human beings have a working brain. The positions differ from aggressive forms in question because they enter major ethical issues such as abortion or euthanasia. When does the brain?, When brain death occurs? For scientists, at 26 weeks of gestation, the brain is already starting to develop and can feel pain psychologically.

“All I can say with certainty is that at 14 days in the embryo there is no brain, and this is important information because scientists stem cell research in regenerative medicine using embryonic cells under 14 days. ” That could shed light and limits to this debate. Brain death is recognized when there is no activity in the brain and brain death is accepted in order to extract the organs of a human body. Likewise could the use or donate to the medical organizations have no brains? In this issue, some appeal to the potentiality, that is, that embryo could come to have a brain. It is not easy to reach agreements. Brain death begins in the cortex, quickly affects the entire brain and ends up being a casualty of the whole body. They are the neurologists who determine the time when the brain no longer works and is an irreversible state, final. In a vegetative state, however, neuroscientists do not know if this process is irreversible, since there have been cases of patients who awaken from that state. The debate is that some refuse to declare the death as long as the beating heart and seek to revise the concept of death brain. For the Californian professor “would be a mistake to try to distinguish between death and brain death, because all we care about human death is related to the brain.

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