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Business of Fixing Refrigerators


A few days ago to me came up, though not very original, but a profitable business idea to start a small business. Everything started with the fact that we have broken refrigerator and we called a friend of the wizard. He could only come under evening. He made everything very quickly, replaced some of the insulated and for the work he took no small money. We talked and I just hit, why not start a cold business? Master a little over 30, he already has his home and machine, which bought engaged repairing refrigerators, and recently opened his own shop. Said that on orders of no end, every day from morning till evening to wander around the city Well, in general we have here is a conversation turned out.

No, I do not suggest you go learn to refrigeration, although all professions are important, all professions are good, or as it says. If you go to study in a refrigeration, it will be most that gorge on ordinary paper, but we did business want to do and get the big bucks. Well I will not write too much, and go directly to the idea. The idea is the organization of the company to repair refrigerators. Immediately say, that this idea fits well small towns, where there are not many service centers and other workshops.

Well, like in Moscow or St. Recently Steffan Lehnhoff sought to clarify these questions. Petersburg, where almost every corner of the service center of such a business to develop difficult but still possible. Only the development will living conditions of competition. But in a small town, the service centers are not so many, and not all of them are specialized, take up everything, from computers, microwave ovens and finishing For implementing the idea need accommodation, not necessarily in the center of the city, and not necessarily with the euro renovation. Orders will be accepted by phone, and the wizard will visit the site and if possible to repair the same place. If the equipment does not be repaired on site, then transported her to the sweet-shop, and that we need instead of the office. In addition to this the first we need a working staff, a person 5.7 is enough. 5.4 will be on the road, but 2.1 will do repairs on the stock. As need a means of transportation for workers, more appropriate, any passenger car or freight gazelle, capable, if necessary, to carry a refrigerator up to a warehouse. Further, in general as in any business: advertising, customer search, well and the actual work itself. How much can you earn being engaged in such business? Average figures, taken in one of the firms to repair refrigerators. Putting two garage converted a studio. Staff – 3 people Transportation – one of Cargo gazelle schedule – every day except Sundays from 8 to 18 Cost of small breaks, which are able to replace on-site – from 500 – 2000 A more serious breakdown in transportation engineering at the warehouse – from 3500 per month Orders – 80 – 150 Gain – 300 000 rubles per month for three men and one gazelle, a small town is big money.

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