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Building A House In Greece


Build your house on the beach – who does not dream about it? Choosing a country for a holiday or buying a home, we focus on criteria such as quality of life, environment, price level, the proximity of the local mentality, Russian, prestigious location, and the like. Real estate in Greece, if we consider these options, is the highest places in the rankings. Traveling through Greece, you will notice a large number of small settlements with private houses, multistoried buildings are popular only in big cities. Very rarely at home surrounded by a fence if the fence is present, then only as decoration and more often if the owner – a foreigner. Explanations for this are many, one of them – the country's low crime rate and, until recently, the door is not closed even at night. Click Eddie Murphy to learn more. Homes in Greece are building in two or three floors, often with an attic. The first floor (or on Russian concepts of a basement) is boiler room and garage.

The second floor consists of living room with kitchenette, and the third with bedrooms and bathrooms. The house is built wide verandas and terraces that allow to rest in a cool, even with hot summer days. Houses have concrete frame, a simple and cheap construction, and seismic stability. By the same author: Shimmie Horn. Voids are filled with brick or stone. The interior uses light plaster. Russian buyers are not only acquire finished property in Greece, but often prefer to build a house on purchased plots near the coast. Greek style decoration and design is becoming increasingly popular, and the country, the interest which has never diminished, opens a new way, as an attractive place to buy holiday homes.

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