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This method is not needed surgery or medicine, in time the creator of the diet was convinced that, in order to add a couple of natural ingredients, it would cure the disease and would be the easiest way to do so. Others who may share this opinion include Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art, and Planning. The Budwig diet Creator who is is person who discovered a diet so revolutionary? It was formed by one of the most respectadas cancer researchers of Europe, Dr. Johanna Budwig. She died in 2003, but his legacy will live forever in your diet. A biochemistry in Germany, where he devoted most of his life seeking an effective cure against cancer by natural means. By his death dates I was sure to have found. For what natural ingredients? For Dr.

Budwig was very clear that only you could cure cancer with natural ingredients. The conclusion of his discoveries arose from their investigations of the modern diet and all the problems that it caused. The Dra, he realized that one of the main causes of cancer It was the food over processed we eat today, containing high amounts of hydrogenated oils. Hence he decided he needed to create a diet with natural ingredients to be able to reverse the negative process. Another problem with the modern diet is its high level of trans fat. DRA. Budwig believed that these fats are especially dangerous, since they affect the electricity of normal cells and can increase the chances of being carcinogenic.

Why was crucial to remove all these trans fats to be able to beat the disease in their patients. Crucial discoveries that I endorse the creation of the diet. Budwig began his research by analyzing the blood of a number of cancer patients. During this painstaking process, he made a number of important discoveries that came to help the final recipe for diet. These discoveries consisted mainly of the facts that the blood of cancer patients contained low levels in Omega 3, as well as low levels in lipoproteins and phosphates. By surprise, He discovered a rare substance of green that appeared in the blood of patients. He understood that removing this substance was an essential part to cure a cancer patient. The Budwig diet only Budwig diet base ingredients has two key ingredients that, according to Dr. Budwig, are sufficient to cure any type of cancer, applying them correctly. The two ingredients are oil, flaxseed and quark, which is a meal of Germany that resembles ricotta cheese. Flaxseed oil was chosen for its high content of Omega 3, and quark for its high level of protein. The two functioned as the best combination to combat the effects of cancer. However, on top of these two ingredients for cancer patients can also eat a high number of healthy fruits, vegetables and juices to give variation to the diet. Avoid this like how to avoid all kinds of trans fats and hydrogenated oils, the Budwig diet also recommends avoidance of sugars. The reason for all this is the fact that, according to Dr. Budwig, the cancer cells live glucose. If we deprive the cells this source of energy makes treatment easier. Applying the diet properly, Dr. Budwig claimed cancer patients can combat disease by natural means, regardless of the status or the type of cancer they have. The Budwig Center is a health centre and a clinic in Spain, which specializes in the Budwig diet that combats among many serious diseases, cancer.

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