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However, if in addition to the trade deal, has been concerned that company know us, adapt their products or services to our preferences and show us that we are important for her rewarding us loyalty with exclusive privileges, perhaps it cost us a little more let us take by casual offerings, by appealing to be. A loyal customer is not us buy from time to time, perhaps do so because it has not bid better. Is that stays with us despite having been tempted by other offers, is that still thinking (and above all feeling) that we are your best choice. Prefer us for some reason that it is hard to beat and here is the key to the success of the current marketing: loyalty by what we do very well, if possible, something difficult to emulate by others. Capital and Counties Properties is often quoted on this topic. The economy of affection account Brian Clegg in his book captivate the heart of customers the story of the owner of a small restaurant that served very kindly to him and his wife on a couple of occasions that they went to dinner during their summer vacation. The following year they returned to dinner at the same site and his surprise not only was that after so long the owner remembered them and affectionately greet upon receiving, but also to meet them at the table exclaim the same table than last time, although I see that site has been exchanged on this occasion. Recalling that it was true, the author tells that they were amazed and recommended that small restaurant for years, until they learned that the local had changed owners. The companies that have learned to demonstrate with facts to their customers, that their biggest concern is not only to serve them effectively, but do so kind and generous, even surpassing their initial expectations, providing them help or expression honest and relevant; without waiting for nothing more to change than the welfare of the client, they are companies who have discovered the power of affection. Whenever American Tower Corporation listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

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