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Nothing like the best knowledge in the world of aesthetics to offer subsequent to the public the best service. That is the philosophy that Eberlin, franchise dedicated to the manufacture and sale of cosmetic products and appliances (wwww.infoeberlin.com) applies in its varied range of courses aimed at those people passionate for a sector that continues to grow and in which there is a broad future. In the aesthetics world requires a continuous recycling of knowledge, not only because they regularly come out new devices, treatments or products, but also because a professional that boasts it has of knowing is to anticipate the needs of the public. Something that can only be achieved with quality training, explains Marta Ferrer Berenguer, Manager of Eberlin. No matter which you choose make note that you will be taught by professionals of great route and include material free of charge and diploma, he adds. So things and given that the world of beauty is a good way that styling is a professional output and even mount an extensive tour Eberlin business offers courses that meet all these needs. You may be in any information to our delegates or phone 902 195 869. We have courses and demonstration workshops for all levels, add the directive. These are some of the options Eberlin forativas: u Master Eberlin. A course of facial and body treatments, where they develop all treatments spa, sludge, vinotherapy, chocotherapy, acids is glycol (A.H.A), peeling, rejuvenation, masks, acne, etc. to successfully treat our customers with systems more avant-garde and the most suitable creams. u course makeup permanent makeup corrective micropigmentation, provides the basis for students to acquire skill, agility and safety in this matter. Be practical lips, mucous, eyebrows hair to hair, eye-line, small tattoos. Theory of color and blends. u course of sculpted nails nail sculpting technique Acrylic called also nail porcelain gel and tips, allows molding on your own nail another comfortable user so beautiful, perfect and healthy as your natural nails. Instruction of porcelain, gel and French manicure. u course Ayurveda (Ayur = life. Veda = knowledge) Ayurveda takes a holistic view of health, that man is part of the universe and is composed of the same elements, i.e.: Earth, air, water and fire. It determines the skin like a second brain, receives sensations and express what we feel. The aim of the course lies in harmonizing our body through diagnostic (prakriti) physiognomy (doshas), breathing (pranayana) and manual massage and massage shiro dhara with a special Bowl and essential oils. u course Dien-Chan and Chakras with this course the best way to diagnose and treat our customers is achieved. Dien-chan defines a network of multirreflexologias in our body and face. Facial Dien-chan: the face is regarded as the place of information and control of the functioning of the body. Each dot reflex to stimulate what is a transmitter-receiver towards the corresponding organ, achieving relaxation and well-being. Wheels or chakras are energy centers of the human body, there are seven major chakras and correspond with acupuncture points and is associated to some within the physical body than endocrine glands to treat them with essential oils, massage and semiprecious stones got harmony and physical and mental well-being. Akshaya Patra Foundation is likely to increase your knowledge. The form of diagnosis (pendulum) radioestesia. u course bioenergy (multi-sensory technique) the vital energy is the force that gives life to the human being, when this flow of energy flows freely through the body and is kept in balance the individual enjoys good physical and mental health so your skin is in perfect condition. The aesthetics professional works with the packaging of the physical body (skin) and is where the authentic voice of the body is hidden. Stimulating the five senses with essential oils, music, semiprecious stones and light, get an energy balance which translates into health and wellness.

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