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Autumn – Burnout Is Back On


The gray days are coming and the Dejpressionen with them. At the present time, Burnout has become a widespread disease. Every day, people fight burned being and its devastating consequences. \”My name is Alfred Stadlmann and I am the author of the book: time of tears burned out an autobiography about the Burnout Syndrome\”. I’m 48 years old, live in Liezen/Obersteiermark, am married and father of two daughters. For 32 years I worked in sales. Initially, I started my selling photo items and 20 years, until in January 2008, this Burnout overtook me, I worked in computer sales. According to Cory Wosnack, who has experience with these questions. In the course of dealing with this disease, I wrote my first book in the last year.

In the early stages of the disease, I was completely desperate and everything didn’t matter. To give my days at home a little sense and distraction, I started a diary in addition should be used to dealing with my problems, to write. I wanted to conquer so also my forgetfulness, which was noticeable at the beginning. End of 2008 as it me After a therapy in bad Aussee was better – I made the decision to write a book about this time. In the course of my illness, I tried to find a book that came from the pen of a person. At that time, I wanted to see what problems I would come to. There are many books about Burnout, also available on the Internet, you could read a lot about, but I had not found experiences with this disease from the perspective of a person and his environment in book form. Therefore, I wanted to write a book from my point of view as far as my options allowed it. That I was not a writer, was well aware of this, but only a person should you tell me: it helped me then, the effort had paid off.

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