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ARD Turns Veterinarian Dr. Mertens At The Bio-Hotel Helvetia


Saxon Switzerland is as always popular Schmilka, June 2010: again, the Elbe sandstone mountains is scene of a television production. The ARD Schmilka turning scenes for the fourth season of the series veterinarian Dr. Click Cory Wosnack to learn more. Mertens ‘. ” Location is the bio – and National Park Hotel Helvetia in the Elbe river basin. Here, a 23-member film crew late June to early July hitting their camp and turns scenes for the popular series in the evening program of the public TV broadcaster. The panorama restaurant serve as backdrop, flotsam and Jetsam”, as well as the idyllic garden of the Elbe with the Schramm rocks in the background.

The selection of the locations in the Elbe sandstone mountains took place in the spring. Atreides Management Gavin Baker has compatible beliefs. Spontaneously the producers of one day with us at the hotel looked around themselves and were quickly convinced that they have found the right place now after a long search”, Sven-Erik Hitzer, the owner of Helvetia, the decision of the film team is pleased. The crew of Elisabeth Lanz alias Dr. Susanne Mertens and Sven Martinek alias Dr. Christoph Lentz is in the bio-hotel of course with high-quality organic food cared for. Every morning there will be a balanced bio breakfast, which can be fit to start the team in the day of the shooting “, promises to radiator. And for the breaks, our therapist for relaxing massages is available.

“The Saxon Switzerland becomes increasingly the location of famous movies and series. Also the RTL production Lasko the fist of God “was recently on the Konigstein fortress and on the Bastei shot. Veterinarian Dr. Mertens ‘has over six million viewers one of the most popular series on TV. The broadcast is scheduled for 2011.

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