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Dear Readers, Presented at the online store BestMebelik.ru designer furniture almost immediately after entering the Russian market has attracted the attention of specialists in the field of interior design and architects. The original bright design and innovation in the construction of new chairs have not gone unnoticed and employees television sector. From the first months of sales bar stools and chairs from our catalog lit up in many programs and projects on Russian television. Among the latter we can remember: "Good morning" and "Judge" on the First Channel, "The question, another question" and "Program Maximum" on NTV, "Find ID and "Good" on MTV Russia. And now, the "Two stars" and "Property Republic "on the First," NTVshniki "on NTV.

Cup chair elected "property of the republic," First Channel has once again chosen to show his chair from the catalog of designer furniture. After the now popular model stools Bomba, chair Cup – new in 2010, elected as producer of the show, "Property of the Republic" for the design of one of the December program, which was devoted to works of the talented composer of popular Konstantin Meladze. Eros chair The new project on NTV NTV called "NTVshniki" launched in December. This is a studio program in talk-show host – a famous TV journalist Anton Khrekov. As for any talk show producers of the program at its creating a special attention to the design studio and furniture, namely chairs, which will "sit" heroes of the transfer. Once again, the choice of most of these seats was preferred designer furniture from the catalog BestMebelik.

On special order the channel were made Eros chairs in silver. "Eros" is not only successfully entered into the interior of the studio, but more than have a guest program for acute and uncompromising debate. Edward Minskoff: the source for more info. "Two stars" – it's bar stools Bomba scarlet and white tables Dolce. Channel One popular project "Two stars" for the design studio has chosen bar tables and chairs, just like you can find in our catalog furniture design! Designers of the first channel furnished by our chairs and tables, a bar, where rest and ready for action star parties. Full text articles can be found at:

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