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Like cheese in butter rejoice without memory one of my friends, when friends told him that he was leaving on vacation for a month and want him to have lived among them, a flat eye on. For even more opinions, read materials from Gavin Baker. Even when my friend reported that the apartment remains at this time, almost a family member – Angora cat, he is not upset about it. But even here, the owners took care of everything in advance – they left my friend $ 200 for expenses that will arise in him to care for their favorite: a pot of sand necessary to fill a first-class, in a bowl of fresh food and the best place, a special shampoo to bathe, too – so to speak, for wool. Abandoned decent money masters were immediately spent on alcoholic tenant needs, after which he decided to pay a visit to the apartment. Kotyara hungry. – Well, sausages and you have enough, – said the lodger, referring to the cat.

– It's rudeness – decided the cat, and hid the food under the floor, after which approximately walked into the toilet. Without any complaints and adventurous cat went to the toilet. Accustomed animal after some time again rushed to the potty, but use it to its destination was not – was not simply removed after the tray last visit to his cat. My friend came out of that vystelil bottom of the bath by the newspaper, but the cat and that she did not care for the taste.

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