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The animal gang led by Alex the lion, have devised a crazy plan that involves using an old aircraft damaged but re-conditioned by penguins. The journey will take them unwittingly to African lands where wild animals were city dwellers with others of their own species but bred in the wild. BOLT, A DOG OUT OF SERIES 3D animated movie follows the adventures of a super-dog Bolt, who passes and got into adventures fighting evil because it is none other than the protagonist of a famous TV show. Without hesitation Related Group explained all about the problem. The problem is that Bolt does not understand that a lot of separate fiction from reality and think that really has super powers.Because of an error on their television studio, who accidentally sent to New York, is that our dog must face the truth and assume that is an ordinary dog but with a heart so big, and with such good new friends, it does not matter not a superhero. ONE OF BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA Chloe is a refined chihuahua that has been raised with every luxury of Beverly Hills and enjoys both his lifestyle that has almost forgotten its origins, so constantly rejected the amorous proposals of Chihuahua Papi who is crazy about her.For a caretaker neglect of the pug gets lost in Mexico, where he is dangerous and which survives with the help of a stray German shepherd trying to take her home. Meanwhile her lover Papi heads across the border and join a nice group of dogs to rescue his beloved Burn AFTER READ The brilliant Coen brothers return after its award-winning “No Country for weak,” which earned them an Oscar for best director.This time they venture into comedy with a story of intrigue and misunderstandings starring Brad Pitt, Frances McDormand, John Malkovich, George Clooney and Tilda Swinton. A former CIA agent writing his memoirs which reveals more of a dirty secret, but his former wife steals the CD containing the sensitive material and ends up losing in the gym to go.


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