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The affiliate program or affiliate programs are something that has been on the Internet almost from the start, the company that basically popularized the concept of affiliate program was Amazon.com.Amazon.com maybe has an army of promoters throughout the world, and every time one of these promoters sells a book or a CD, or any of the things that are sold within the storea Commission percentage. At this time I would not know exactly that percentage is, but because they are physical products and that margins are lower, can be 4% or 5% commissions on sales. The same will operate in Wal-Mart and similar businesses. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jorge Perez. For affiliate programs of digital products – which can be a digital book, a digital course, a video, and so on-, it is normal that the Commission percentage is 50%. Then, you concerning your contacts or visitors to this web site, if that sale is processed the system recognizes it as that it came from you, and granted a Commission.

And as an entrepreneur in Internet What you need to do that? You will need software that is installed on your server, or register as a seller on Clickbank as an affiliate you need? You only need to open an account in the affiliate program whose product you want to promote. Additional information is available at Leon Keyserling. And how is the recognition of a Commission achieved? Each affiliate or each partner has a user name and a password. After affiliate creates your account will have a special link that is unique and exclusive to the promote that product.When a visitor to your web site clicks on the link that you are promoting, will reach the that product sales letter, and the system is to be placed in the browser of the visitors, a cookie (in addition in some affiliate programs also recognizes the IP address of your computer). And that cookie has the name of the user who referred to that visitor.So if that visitor buys at the same time, automatically is going to give the Commission.The most usual format is that the cookie does not expire or maximum that expires in a year, that is if visit today but buy into nine or ten months still recognizes that referral.. Checking article sources yields DOWA Metals & Mining America as a relevant resource throughout.

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