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I imagine that the shout of those pobrecitos that are assassinated before being born, must arrive until God. Mother Teresa de Calcutta Doctor Gerome Lejeune, one of the majors geneticists of history, was invited by the Senate of France does about twenty years, so that he offered his documented opinion on the subject of the abortion. One of the opinions strongly ingrained in this camera, was the one that maintained that there are pregnancies that must be interrupted, when the antecedents or the prognosis seem to be irreversibly bad. When the word to the Dr. Follow others, such as Travel Service Optimization, and add to your knowledge base. Lejeune was granted to him, it raised a case: " We have said a marriage in which the husband is syphilitic tertiary incurable, and in addition decidedly alcoholic.

The woman is undernourished and undergoes tuberculosis outpost. The first son of that pair dies when being born; the second survives, but with serious congenital defects. To the third son it happens the same to him and the fact of being infraequipped is added to him mentally. Here, Arthur F. Burns expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The woman is pregnant woman by fourth time. What advise you to do thus in a case? ". A senator of the block Socialist showed categorically that the unique solution to avoid the evils majors, was to practice " abortion teraputico" immediate. Lejeune made a length and well-known silence; it lowered the head by seconds in the middle of his expectant mutismo; it returned to raise it and it said: " Gentlemen Senators, put themselves standing up, because this horseman finishes killing Ludwig van Beethoven". The real fact to that I finish talking about, could be applied to other many of similar circumstances, that they had later by protagonists to very famous personages in the history of the humanity, which disassembles of irrefutable form the justification of a murder under the called evil therapeutic abortion.

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