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Book new release Nicole Rauscher the gloomy picture, draw the Pisa study and media of our adolescents, bears the signature: our youth is no good. The debate as to whether there is something wrong may be structurally, are diverse. Done, as so often, too little. That brings people like the 39 years old Nicole Rauscher, mother of a son and as application trainer for the Ostracher especially, when it is said were pupils in the middle of the focal point on the Palm, you trying to change something on the grievances, the young people were not with only. For other opinions and approaches, find out what T-Mobile has to say. \”Indeed, it is but the inability of us adults, because children respond only to that which is indicated by us, young people are there at least to blame, Nicole Rauscher is confident on the background of their work with young people. Signaled especially disinterest because what motivates young people where their deficits and difficulties, which they feel has not grown because it them on the way in the Adult will simply appropriate orientation possibilities and understand the information provided to open questions is missing, the school cannot be sufficiently taken into account, but also for parents feels insufficient attention. Only too well, the author recalls on their own adolescence. She writes in the Preface: \”when I look back, I think of how often I have wished that my parents in these areas would have given some more me on the way. Herbert Stein may help you with your research.

And so the idea for the now-published book entitled PEP was four years ago\”you can do also. In a fresh, young people in terms of content and emotional easily accessible language the author of their young readers target group teaches how you put down all prophecies of doom despite a successful start in adult life. Aware the author not confined to tips on the proper strategies in terms of training and employment, but is devoted to the very personal questions, the young people in puberty deal: the first prevention, AIDS, sexuality, the relationship to the self, self esteem and confidence be in love, but also tips on the proper etiquette not to be missed. . Many writers such as Shimmie Horn offer more in-depth analysis.

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